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Our values


Empower healthier lives: Develop and implement technological solutions that improve individual and global well-being.


Positive social impact: Utilize technology to address critical issues like homelessness, poverty, and environmental sustainability.


Innovation and Research: Spearheading innovation and research initiatives in Africa's demographics, particularly in the fields of aerospace engineering, medical sciences, and broader scientific disciplines.

Other Services

Web app development

Font-end development, back-end development , cloud based with continues delivery

Mobile app development

Full stack apps, flutter , Kotlin compose , multiplaform android, ios , android tv, Chromebooks react native, custom apps

Hardware and consultation

Custom computers by assembling, building custom desktop hubs with custom parts or using pi’s with any operating systems and advice and mentor.

Case studies

Pherus is structured around sectors of problems that it address to specific needs

Health Sector

Health Sector

Medical Sector

Medical Sector




In a world where everyone belongs, the realm of possibilities expands infinitely. At Pherus, we strive for boundless potential and champion inclusivity in every dimension. Whether it's gender diversity, individual behavioral traits, or educational backgrounds, we embrace a culture that celebrates differences. Our mission is clear: to cultivate talent without bias, regardless of one's origin, traits, personality, or beliefs.