About Pherus

Pherus Co. - SMC Limited is a multifaceted technological enterprise propelled by a passion for innovation aimed at enhancing human lives and well-being. Our mission is to spearhead global innovation initiatives while nurturing talent within Africa, fostering independence in information access, and driving technological and scientific progress.

Founding body

Pherus emerged in 2019 as a budding idea, gradually evolving towards its envisioned objectives and aspirations. Founded by Chotabhai Mike, affectionately known as la niina, who also serves as the company's director, Pherus is driven by a vision to create impact that extends beyond corporate boundaries to benefit society at large. Our commitment is steadfast—to prioritize the welfare of individuals within the broader societal context.

Chotabhai Mike AKA la niina
``To exist is to roll the dice, to throw caution to the wind and embrace the chaos of life. Otherwise, you're just a stagnant lump of atoms, adrift in the cosmic breeze, waiting for fate to take its course.``


We bring the best of Pherus indifferent aspects to help solve some of humanity's biggest challenges — combining innovation, sharing, and technical expertise to support the rapid improvement of technology for the future and provide opportunity for everyone.